Would you make a deal with the Devil himself?

Méphistophélès has made a wager to settle a dispute.

To determine the heart and dedication of man he has conjured the deeds to 5,000 souls. Only the true believers will sign away their soul at the opportunity to sit by the side of the devil himself in his throne room.

The summoning has begun. The devil himself has invited those that are willing, and those that follow in the cult of FAUST can show loyalty in bringing more to the flock. HE IS WATCHING and the loyal will surely be DAMNED.

The chosen are ready and have worked for their chance at fortune. Méphistophélès has smiled upon those who have served well and present them with an opportunity. A flame erupts and reveals a contract.

Will you use your blood, ethereum, and spirit to sign and become DAMNED?

Deeds describe the bond you have accepted with Méphistophélès

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